Keystone Agro

Established in 2021, Keystone Agro is an agribusiness arm of the holding. Currently, Keystone Agro portfolio includes more than 100ha blueberry orchards in Samegrelo Region. We have cooperated with the biggest blueberry plants providers like Fall Creek and North Bay. We have planted 10 different varieties of blueberries that vary based on flavor, shelf life and harvest period. The varieties that we currently are working with are Sekoya Grande, Sekoya Crunch, Sekoya Fiesta, Duke, Suziblue, Miss Alice Mae, Blue Ribbon, Miss Jackie, Top Shelf and Valor. At maturity of our plantation, in 4 years, the gardens of Keystone Agro will produce 1,300 tons of blueberries, generating revenue of US$ 6,5 mn.

The project is implemented with the support of Bank of Georgia, Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and various international donor organizations. Keystone Agro has become a co-founder of Georgia Blueberry Growers Association, while Mr. Tornike Panjavidze, the director of our plantation, has also become the chairman of the organization. It was created to develop and elevate the practice of cultivating blueberries in order to bring the entire Georgian market to greater heights.

We have also teamed up with Netafim to set up a drip irrigation system for efficient watering methods. Additionally, we have contracted companies to build tunnels for part of our blueberry plantation to prolong the harvesting period up to three months. We are also in the process of building a checkpoint for the blueberries on our plantation. It will become an industry hub with three separate sectors for pre-cooling, sorting and storing the berries before their departure.

Our berries have received certification from Global Gap and GRASP. This has opened doors to the very strict and competitive markets that we were aiming for. At this stage, we are trading in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Gulf countries and China.



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